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We are an equipment hire company operating Nationwide specialising in the hire of professional sound & lighting equipment to private events, weddings, corporate conferences, concerts and theatre. We are committed to providing a high quality, no compromise service complemented by the very best equipment and great prices !

Acme HP3 Smoke Machine 1000w Acme HP3 Smoke Machine

The HP3 is great for the bands and mobile DJ's. With it's high power output of 10,000 cubic feet of smoke per minute you can transform the atmosphere. A low voltage timer remote is supplied as standard for ease of operation.
1500w Smoke Machine 1500w Smoke Machine

Great Unit if you want extreme smoke output with an output of 20,000 cu. ft. per minute and no need to wait for the heating element to reheat, can also be controlled with DMX
HP 2s Line Hazer 700w Acme HP 2S -700w Hazer

A front mounted fan forces the haze outwards, this disperses the haze so that the lights can be seen while not being obscured in a cloud of smoke.
Low Fogger / Dry Ice Showtec Low Fog Machine

Creates a very mysterious atmosphere, The low-lying fog stays low to the ground; similar to a dry ice effect.
8m x 4.5m Starcloth 8m x 4.5m LED Starcloth

This 8 x 4.5m black curtain with more than 300 LED's flash and flicker to the beat of the music. As its illumination source is LED it produces extremely sharp, brilliant points of light,
1.4m Silk Fame Effect 1.4m Silk Flame Effect

The product features a large 1.3m high silk illuminated from beneath by 9 high intensity coloured halogen lamps replicating a moving flame


Floor Fan Floor Fan

High Velocity 40 cm Fan, Great for spreading smoke and haze through a venue

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