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Inflatable Stage, Everything you need!

An ideal stage for Bands, Large Radio Shows, Festivals, Opening ceremonies, Outdoor Event's, Dance Groups and Performers.

Up to a 14 piece band or 40 standing 
Ideal for up to 500 - 4000 people attending the event at any one time.

Stage Hire

Stage Area: 31x 23 x 16ft (10 x 4.9m) Stage Height: 2ft (0.6m)
Canopy size: 31x 23ft (10 x 7m) Height:16ft (5m)

Cost £2000.00 a show day ( no hidden extras !!)

2nd show day or rehearsal add 45%. (includes engineers)


Included within this price are :
Stage as above with setup crew
Steps to stage
Front Valance
Sound & Lighting System with Engineers as Below


Sound System :

6.4Kw DB Sound System
1 x 24ch Allen & Heath Mixing Console
1 x Effects Rack
8 x Shure Microphones + Stands
1 x Set of Drum Mics
6 x Full Range Powered Monitor
1 x 30m Multicore
2 x Sound Engineers
All Connecting Lead

Lighting System :

8 x Par 64 Cans
4 x Moving Lights
6 x 500w Floods (end of event lighting)
1 x Lighting Control Desk
1 x Lighting Engineer

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