Power Distribution Hire

Clean, reliable power is one of the keys to a trouble free event. We can provide the correct power distribution for Concerts, Fetes, Corporate Events

Due to the design of our stages we can even provide banner advertising space for your event across the top of the roof.


Power Distribution Hire

 This is a small selection of what we can provide, please let us know what you require  and we will be able to provide you with a quotation.

CABLE  single phase used to carry power, you will most likely need to have a splitter to make the cable into a socket you can use


13a  5m  £2.00

13a  10m  £3.00

16a  25m  £2.50

16a  50m  £2.75

16a  100m  £3.00

32a  25m  £4.00

32a  50m  £6.00

32a  100m  £7.50

16a Cable Hire


CABLE three phase used to carry 3ph power, unless you are using a 3ph unit you will need a Distribution board to split the power from 410v 3ph to 230v 1 ph.


16a  25m  £10.00

16a  50m  £16.00

32a  25m  £12.00

32a  50m  £18.00

32a  100m  £24.00

63a  10m  £15.00

63a 25m  £25.00

63a 3ph Cable Hire


Distribution splitters / boards used to break down the power to what you require


16a  2 x 13a  £4.00 16a 2 x 13a distro Hire

16a  2 x 13 inline  £8.00

16a 2 x 13a water tight distro Hire
16a  2 x 16a  £16.00 16a 2 x 16a distro Hire
32a  4 x 16a  £20.00 16a Cable Hire
63a  2 x 32a  £22.00 63a - 2 x 63aa Cable Hire
63a 3ph  6 x 32a 1ph  £35.00 63a - 6x32a Distro Hire



If you cant find what your looking for on our website please feel free to give us a call on 07548379821 and we will work something out for you.